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Balham Removals

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Planning a relocation to Balham?

Are you setting up a Balham move? Choose Armstrong Removals for skilled help. We’re a local, family-led business known for our special focus and care. Our small team promises a cosy, tailored service. With 44 years in home and office moves, we understand each part of these tasks.

We manage big home moves smoothly. Our aim is to ease your shift, and our earnest work shows it. Our clients often laud and suggest us for our top-rate service.

Our fleet includes 3.5 and 7.5-ton lorries, all kitted with necessities like tail lifts and securing rails. Our vans boast air ride suspension to guard your goods in transit. Opt for our man-and-van service for smaller Balham removals.

For all home moves in and near Balham, rely on Armstrong Removals, your neighbourhood moving experts.

Packing services for Balham Removals

When you’re ready to pack and relocate to Balham, trust that your possessions are safe with us. Whether it’s a local move or you’re coming into (or leaving) the area, we provide a range of services to help pack your items customised to your requirements.

  • Self-packing service – For those on a budget or with the time and desire to carry out their own packing.
  • Part packing service – Ideal for those who feel like an extra pair of hands wouldn’t go amiss! We provide assistance and materials in the areas you feel you need a little extra help—and, of course, our expert guidance.
  • Full packing service – If your time is limited, then we’re happy to take control of your complete packing requirements. That includes small and large furniture items, the insides of cupboards and drawers, clothing, valuables, and paperwork, all protected and packed using professional materials, covering, and cartons.
  • Fragile items packing – We believe china, glass, ornaments, lamps, and pictures require special care. It’s heartbreaking when we see your treasured items fail to make the journey in one piece because of poor packing or by using the wrong materials. Leave it to the experts, and we’ll ensure everything arrives exactly as it left.

We’ll also assist in cleaning up, disposing of unwanted items (through our waste management service), and taking apart and reassembling bulky or tricky furniture. For more details on our varied packing services, visit our packing services page for all the information.

Packing materials for your Balham removals

When it comes to packing, having plenty of boxes is key. Armstrong Removals offers a variety of boxes for all your needs, from books to bedding, along with bubble wrap to protect your precious items. Our selection encompasses both small and large house kits, sturdy double-walled and wardrobe boxes, packing papers, and tapes. Additionally, we provide Eco Flo bio-degradable Loosefill foam and self-adhesive protectors for carpets and stairs.

Moving office in Balham?

At Armstrong Removals, we’re experts not only in home relocations but also in seamless office transfers. We understand that moving a business requires the same level of precision and attention as a residential move, yet it involves additional complexities. Our approach is tailored to minimise disruption and downtime for your business during your Balham removals.

Our team is equipped with specialist tools and techniques specifically designed for office moves. We’re adept at handling all aspects of a business relocation, from safely packing and transporting technology and office equipment to ensuring that confidential documents are securely moved. Our efficient planning and execution mean that your business operations can resume with minimal delay.

We recognise the importance of keeping your business running smoothly during a move. Therefore, we work closely with you to create a strategic moving plan that aligns with your schedule and business needs. This includes out-of-hours moving services to ensure that your business experiences the least possible interruption.

Balham highlights and attractions

Balham, nestled in the London Borough of Wandsworth, presents an appealing mix of urban charm and green spaces. Here are five highlights to explore in Balham:

  1. Tooting Bec Lido: Just a stone’s throw from Balham, this is one of the largest open-air swimming pools in the UK. Its colourful changing rooms and vast pool size make it a popular spot in the summer. It’s surrounded by green space, perfect for picnics or relaxing after a swim.
  2. Wandsworth Common: This extensive common offers a tranquil escape with its ponds, woodlands, and walking paths. Ideal for nature lovers, joggers, and families, the common also hosts a variety of wildlife, making it a perfect spot for birdwatching or simply unwinding in nature.
  3. Balham Bowls Club: A unique social hub, this former bowling club has been transformed into a quirky bar and restaurant. Retaining much of its original charm, it hosts regular events, live music, and comedy nights, offering a lively slice of Balham’s community spirit.
  4. The Bedford: A legendary venue in Balham known for its live music, comedy, and entertainment. It has played host to early performances by famous artists and continues to be a hotspot for discovering new talent. The Bedford also offers a great dining experience, making it a must-visit for culture enthusiasts.
  5. Hildreth Street Market: This vibrant street market, tucked away in the heart of Balham, offers a delightful array of artisanal food, fresh produce, and unique boutiques. It’s a great place to explore local flavours, find handcrafted goods, and experience the lively local atmosphere.

All You Require for Balham House Removals

If you’re planning a move, be it relocating your home or your business, Armstrong Removals is equipped with the expertise to ensure a safe and efficient transfer of your possessions. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals in the removal industry who are committed to providing exceptional service and value. We work diligently to make your moving process as stress-free and smooth as possible.

We welcome all your enquiries and are ready to offer comprehensive guidance throughout your moving journey. At Armstrong Removals, we handle every move with the utmost dedication and care, emphasising client satisfaction and ease. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any moving requirements.

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