Large House Kit




Our Large House Moving Kit includes four sizes of brand new double wall boxes which are made from a quality BC Flute corrugated board providing excellent stacking strength. The kit contains: Small boxes to pack heavy items such as crockery, glassware, and books.
Medium boxes for kitchenware, clothing, and footwear.
Large boxes for bedding, clothing, and other lightweight household items.

Also included with these moving boxes are a variety of items (including bubble wrap and tape) to aid the packing process.

Qty Description Size approx (mm)
60 New Large Double Wall Boxes 450 x 450 x 515mm
30 Medium Double Wall Boxes 430 x 380 x 355mm
30 Small Strong Single Wall Boxes 380 x 253 x 278mm
10 New Wardrobe Boxes 508 x 457 x 1220mm
24 Rolls of Brown Adhesive Tape 48mm x 66m
1 5kg (approx 250 sheets) of Newspaper Offcuts 500mm x 750mm
1 Small Bubble Wrap 500mm x 100m
1 Tape Dispenser


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